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BOLD Oat Iced Espresso 250ML

BOLD Oat Iced Espresso 250ML

BOLD Oat Iced Espresso 250ML
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Browse more products from Bold DrinksThe white variant of the well-known bold Iced Espresso. Bold has packed this can with 100% natural energy, so you get the equivalent of 3 espresso shots (162.5 caffeine). This variant is made with oat milk instead of regular milk.

That way you get the double effect compared to a normal energy drink, and with a naturally delicious iced coffee taste.

Bold Iced Espresso has been developed by Danish entrepreneurs who have been part of TV program "Lvens Hule".

The reason why the product must contain such a high caffeine content (65 mg / 100 g) is that the product, which is an iced coffee, is not subject to the same restrictions as energy drinks are subject to in the EU.

It is recommended that you do not drink more than 2 days.

Ingredient list.
Water, oats (11.5%), coffee preparation (4.5%), sugar, sunflower oil, acidity regulators, sodium carbonate, sea salt, stabilizer and gel gum.

Energy kJ 316 kJ.
Energy kcal 75 kcal.
Fat 1,90 g.
Of which saturated fat 0,20 g.
Of which unsaturated fat 0,40 g.
Carbohydrate 13,00 g.
Of which sugars 8,20 g.
Protein 7,90 g.
Salt 0,19 g.

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BOLD Oat Iced Espresso 250ML
BOLD Oat Iced Espresso 250ML