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Enervit Sport Salt Caps 120 Pcs.

Enervit Sport Salt Caps 120 Pcs.

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Enervit Sport Salt Capsules is based on Sodium salt, contains 120 capsules per bottle. 2 capsules are a source of vitamin D, which contributes to normal muscle function. Enervit Salt Capsules are used to restore the body's salt balance when it's hot or if you generally sweat a lot during physical activity. Imbalance in the body's salts lowers the body's performance, and is therefore important to restore to help the body function optimally.

The product also contains 200 mg of vitamin C, which helps the immune system to function properly during and after hard training and competition.


Sodium chloride (65%) - Surface treatment agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - Thickener: hydroxypropylcellulose - Acidity regulator: Sodium citrates (5%) - L-ascorbic acid (3%) - Sodium phosphate (1.2%) - Lump prevention: magnesium salts of fatty acids - Nicotinamide pantotenate - Colecalciferol - Thiamine hydrochloride - Riboflavin.

May contain eggs, soybeans, milk.

CONTENTS Per dose (2 tablets) % DRI
Vitamin C 26 mg 33%*
Niacin 5,2 mg 33%*
Pantotensyre 1,98 mg 33%*
Tiamin 0,36 mg 33%*
Riboflavin 0,46 mg 33%*
Vitamin D 1,63 mg 33%*

%DRI: daily reference intake.


Manufacturers Enervit
Variety Others
Barcode / EAN 8007640984754

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