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Maxim energy gel orange 100g

Maxim energy gel orange 100g

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Maxim Energy gel orange 100g.

Nutritional Value pr. 100 g.

Energy: 1046 kJ / 350 kcal.

Protein: 0 g.

Carbohydrate: 63 g.

Fat: 0 g.

Drink 1/3 of the contents in the gel, followed by 1-2 mouthfuls of water. Repeat this every 20-30 minutes for extra energy.

Maxim Energy Gel is a highly concentrated carbohydrate gel that instantly replenishes muscles.

Gel for use during training and competition. Orange flavor. High caffeine content (109 mg / 100 ml). Should not be ingested by children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people sensitive to caffeine. Take 1/3 gel followed by 1-2 mouthfuls of water. Repeat every 20-30 minutes. INGREDIENTS: Maltodextrin (43%), fructose (20%), water, guarana extract (0.16%), caffeine citrate (0.12%), flavor, acidity regulator (citric acid), preservative (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate).


Manufacturers Maxim
Variety Gel
Barcode / EAN 5704190111724

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