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Silca Super Secret Chain Wax120 ml

Silca Super Secret Chain Wax120 ml

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Model no.AM-AC-015-ASY-0100
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Silca chain oil is, as the name suggests, full of secret ingredients that increase your performance.

It is made with low friction and noise in mind and should provide the same benefits as wax treatment of the chain, without you having to start melting wax and letting the chain hang to dry.

With this drip bottle you can apply wax without difficulty so you get all the benefits of chain wax, and none of the hassle.

Shake thoroughly before use and apply a completely clean chain.

Optimal performance is achieved if the adult is allowed to dry for at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours before use.


Manufacturers Silca
Weather conditions Summer, Winter
Dosage Drip bottle
Type Wax
Barcode / EAN 850005186243

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