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Squirt lube 15 ml

Squirt lube 15 ml
Squirt lube 15 ml
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Browse more products from Squirt LubeSquirt Lube - Chain lubricant.
​Squirt Lube is a small revolution inside chain lubricants. Squirt Lube is a growing wax/water solution, which contains 40% wax, where the other waxbased lubricants got about 15% and 20%. The Squirt does not contain as much solvent, but is water based and therefore requires a longer dry time, but causes the same wax contain, which means that the wax is reaching the spots where the chain need it the most.
Squirt Lube makes a very dry membrane on your chain, which causes the dirt not to stick to it, which extend the lifetime for your chain. Squirt Lube is odorless, non-toxic and the most environmentaly friendly chain lubricant on the market.
Actually today according to following tests, degraded more than 80% on 28 days in the nature!
​Squirt Lube got super test results all around the world. Cyclingnews tested it and gave it 5 out of 5 points.

Avoid "black chain".
​Less noise.
Environment friendly.
Longer lifetime for the chain.

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Squirt lube 15 ml
Squirt lube 15 ml