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Wend Chain Wax Set - Blue

Wend Chain Wax Set - Blue

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Chain Kit from Wend. The set contains 1 pc. Wax-On Twist Up, 1 pc. Wax Off The carrier and a microfiber cloth.


Stand out with the colorful chain wax from Wend. Wend has developed a high-quality chain wax that comes in all the colors of the rainbow. This means that you can easily see if your chain lacks wax, while at the same time you can find the color you think best suits you and your bike. In addition to the color, this wax not only keeps your chain clean - the friction-reducing elements in the wax also give you an extremely quiet and effective thread. The sophisticated form contains a paraffin-based content with well-known lubricants such as zinc and Teflon.

Easily rub the wax on the chain and you can be ready in seconds.

The wax is used in the same way as a regular stick deodorant, where the wax is screwed up by turning the bottom.


Wax-Off is much more than just a chain cleaner. Wax-Off is a cleanser that, with added liquid wax, cleans in depth. The cleaner goes through wax, oil, dirt without problems and leaves your chain sparkling, while the wax lubricates the chain.

This chain cleaner is perfect to use when you need to get the chain ready to have Wax-On lubricated. This combo helps to increase the life of your chain.


Manufacturers Wend
Weather conditions Winter
Dosage Drip bottle
Type Oil, Wax
Barcode / EAN 838858004792

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