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TowWhee Bungee Cord

TowWhee Bungee Cord
TowWhee Bungee CordTowWhee Bungee Cord
TowWhee Bungee Cord
TowWhee Bungee Cord
TowWhee Bungee Cord
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Browse more products from TowWheeWith the TowWheebungee you can take your kids with you on the trail. It makes pulling them up the hill easy end enjoyable when they haven't got more energy in them.

They get to experience all the fun about trail riding, without getting too exhausted along the way.
It is also very usable on the road to and from the track and on biking holidays..

When the TowWheebungee isn't stretched out it has a length of 140 cm. and stretched all the way it is 450 cm. long.
The long stretching span takes the sudden jerks away and using the TowWheeis therefore much more safe than using a regular string.
You also get the added benefit of not dealing with a whole lot of extra string dragging along the ground when your kid is capable of keeping up with you.
The TowWheeis much safer than using a regular string and also more comfortable..

The TowWheebungee is only for use going uphill or on a flat road.
Thus you must remove it when going downhill to prevent accidents.

You can use the TowWheebungee for many other things as well. Like when skiing to keep tracks of your child and making sure they don't go down the hill too fast. In this situation the long stretching spanis also an advantage as the sudden jerk is eliminated.

TowWheeis easilyspotted with its bright orange color and is visible both when skiing and in the forest.

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TowWhee Bungee Cord TowWhee Bungee Cord TowWhee Bungee Cord 
TowWhee Bungee Cord
TowWhee Bungee Cord
TowWhee Bungee Cord
TowWhee Bungee Cord