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Force Fame Bibshorts Black/Red
Force Fame Bibshorts Black/Red

Force Fame Bibshorts Black/Red

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Force Fame Bibshorts are comfortable shorts that are packed with details.

The pad (which is most important for comfort) is developed by Force itself and consists of both their AIR system which provides good ventilation and breathability, as well as their Anti-Shock pillows which provide good shock absorption (eg Perfect for MTB) just like gel the cushions also tend to sit after the bones and are therefore good for especially heavier riders, riders who want more comfort and for those who spend a long time in the saddle.

On the rest of the shorts, comfort has also been the goal, just as you have achieved a super fit.

Both parts are achieved by the shorts being made of as many as 14 fabric panels, divided into 4 types of fabric, each with their own properties.

In this way you get e.g. a super ventilation on the whole upper body (especially back) as this part is made of mesh, just like all the fabric is made in 4-way stretch and there where there is a lot of movement also used fabric that has extra flexibility and this optimization goes again on the whole the shorts, which are clearly felt during use.

All pieces of fabric are made in very breathable quality without the wind hitting the the body, just as all stichings are made flat so it does not bother the skin.

The legs have anti-slip silicone with Lycra so that they sit perfectly and do not move up when cycling.

Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex.

Fame is a shorts where Force again shows that they are the best when it comes to - high quality for little money.


Manufacturers Force
Gender Men
Pad With pad

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