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Sidi Wire 2 White Cycling Shoe
Sidi Wire 2 White Cycling Shoe

Sidi Wire 2 White Cycling Shoe

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Sidi Wire 2 with a nice white surface and a carbon sole.

The upper of the shoe is made of Microfibra Techpro, which is a synthetic leather material specially designed i.a. for sports products.

Microfibra Techpro is a lightweight material with good resistance and stability.

It is also water-repellent and environmentally friendly.

The material has been given a treatment that eliminates outbreaks of mold and bacteria and it does not contain harmful substances.

The carbon sole is lightweight and equipped with a replaceable heel and Toe Pad.

The sole has two air ducts, one in the middle of the sole and one on the tip of the toe.

This last channel can be closed completely or partially and in this way you can adjust the heat and cold approach in the shoe.

The shoe has an extra reinforcement on the heel, so it keeps its shape and helps to a great fit.

To help with a great fit, Sidi has fitted an adjusting part at the top of the heel, at the ankle.

This part can be adjusted so that the upper part of the shoe ends completely close around the heel and ensures the shoe does not slide so much up and down the heel.

The part can be adjusted differently in each side and can also be replaced if needed.

Sidi Wire 2 is equipped with Soft Instep Closure System-4 and this is combined with a Tecno-3 PUSH System.

These systems can be tightened on each side and you can ensure that the buckle is placed optimally on top of the foot.

The lower part of the shoe is closed by a Single Tecno-3 Push System.

In the Single Tecno-3 Push system, the tensioning mechanism is located in the middle of the shoe and on the flap, which is part of the inside of the shoe, which means that the inside and outside of the shoe and the left and right side of the shoe are tightened more evenly than usual.

Sidi Wire 2 is equipped with 3 clamp mounting holes and fits i.a. to Look Delta, Look Keo, SPD-SL.


Manufacturers Sidi
Gender Men
Buckle/strap system Adjusting buckle, Velcro
Color White
Sole Carbon

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