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AXA Newton Pi 150
AXA Newton Pi 150
AXA Newton Pi 150

AXA Newton Pi 150

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Model no.59510095
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AXA Newton Pi 150 consist of AXA Solid XL plus and Newton plug-in.

AXA Solid XL plus is a high-quality ring lock with a extra wide clearance (58 mm.) This lock gives the possibility to connect a plug-in, which gives you the opportunity to lock your bike to another object. The lock has a hardened lock house and hanger which protects the lock from drills to improve the security. Furthermore the lock has yet another safety improvement, because it isn't possible to use the lock when driving. It is also possible to take the key out, when its unlocked.

Newton plug-in has a diameter of 10 mm and is 150 cm. long. The plug-in pin has a diameter of 10 mm.

Only for mounting on frames with threaded holes for locks.



Manufacturers Basta
Use Key
Type of lock Ring/click, Wire
Insurance approved Yes
Color Black
Weight 1100 gram
Barcode / EAN 8713249237916

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