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Spray.Bike Spray Paint 400 ml Celeste 1

Spray.Bike Spray Paint 400 ml Celeste 1

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Paint from Spray.Bike in spray can of 400 ml.

This color is called Milan Celadon 1 and is a turquoise green color.

A can of 400 ml. is enough to give an entire frame and fork a single layer.

The paint covers well and a single coat is therefore often enough.

Can be sprayed with both a matte or a glossy clear coat, depending on which finish you want.

Can be used on both iron, aluminum and carbon parts.

Spray on at a distance of between 5-12 cm.

Touch dry after 10 minutes and thoroughly dry after 2 hours.

After use, turn the spray can upside down and spray for 2 seconds to clean the nozzle.

Note, the color may look different in reality than it does on a computer screen.


Manufacturers Spray Bike
Barcode / EAN 5201569148478



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