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RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30

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Browse more products from RedShift SportsShockStop Stem is the best solution for all cyclist who feel tired hands after long tours..
Special model with 30+ degree up angle..

Reduces the effects of road bumps and vibrations up to 70% compared to the standard stem. .
It is ideal bike upgrade for road, gravel, e-bike and touring riders which are searching more comfort.

By many reviews reccomended as must have for gravel and endurance cyclists.
Once you put it on, simply you dont want to go back to your conventional stem.
It's one of the most cost-effective upgrades to improve comfort on your bike. .

Stem is compatible with most drop and straight bars so you can easily switch it for your current stem.
With hardly noticeable added weight youre getting much different ride experience..

Thanks to sleek design, it will look like a standard stem on your road bike.
Stem is +/- 6 degrees which covers most popular ride position choice..

ShockStop ride perfomance is like no other suspension on the market.
There is no noticeable side or up play, which is a common problem with many other suspension stems.
Stem feels stiff even if you are out of saddle or in full pedal power.
Hard turns, rough roads will be more saferandeasier to handle thanks to the absorbed shocks.

You can fine tune the stem to your needs and ride feel. Suspension is absorbed by.
plastic elastomers inserted in the stem body which are easy to change.
You have more than 5 different degrees of stiffness to choose from according to your individual taste.
This is really unique solution, no spring, no rattling parts after long term use.
3 different extra elastomers are already included in the packaging.
More information about the set-up please check in this link or enclosed manual.

Travel for drop bars: up to 20 mm.
Travel for straight bars: up to 10 mm.
Maximum riders weight: 135 kg.
Weight: approx. 278 g (100 mm).
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium.
Fork Steerer : 28.6 mm (1 1/8).
Handlebar clamp: 31.8 mm.
Angle: +/- 6.

Please read the manual before installation..
You can change the elastomers only on the stem installed on the bike..

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RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30 RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30 RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30 RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30   
RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30
RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30
RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30
RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30
RedShift ShockStop Stem 100mm +30