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Pirelli P Zero Velo 700x28c

Pirelli P Zero Velo 700x28c
Pirelli P Zero Velo 700x28c
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ItalianPirelliis probablybest knownfrom motorsport, wheretheyhavebeenthepreferredsupplierin tiresfor over100 years. Thatis nowtheexperienceand expertisetheybringintothebikeworldwitha newseries of tires, whichis namedaftertheirbest motorsporttires- P Zero.
Pirelli P Zero VeloisPirellistakeon theperfectallround racetire, witha combination of low rolling resistance and weight, highwearresistance, good comfort and goodroad grip under themostconditions.

SmartNET Silica Compound.
Thepatentedrubbermixfrom Pirelliis taken directfrom theirmotorsportstiresand is improvedfor theuseon bikes. Thespecial rubbermixensurelow rolling resistance, highwearresistance and good grip onbothdryand wetroads.
Functional Groove Design.
Pirelli P Zero Velohasa optimizedtreadfor theuseon wetroadsvia PirellisFGDtechnology. Theusedtechnology is thesame as themotorsportstires, wheretheroad grip under allcircumstancesis in thehighend. Thetirehasa smoothmidlineand patterneddownthesideswhichcontributesto leadthewaterawayveryeffectively. Thepatternis thereforecontributedfor thelowrolling resistance and goodroad grip, whichis thecharacterizeforPirelli P Zero Velo.

Ideal Contour Shaping.
All tiresin Pirelli P Zero Velo series is optimizedwith Pirellis Ideal Contour Shaping. Theshapeofthetireshave under theconstructionbeenthoroughlyanalyzedand tested, in whichPirellihaveachieved theperfecttireshape. To optimizetheshapeon thetirecausesa bettergrip and stabilitywhenyouturn.

Size: 700x28c (etrto: 25-622).
TPI: 127
Weight: 230 grams.

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Pirelli P Zero Velo 700x28c
Pirelli P Zero Velo 700x28c