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All items are marked with one of the following delivery times:

In stock: Delivery 1-2 days

We have this product in stock and ready to deliver from day to day.

Delivery time: 2-4 days

These items are either in stock at our suppliers, or on the way to our warehouse.

Delivery: 6-10 days

These goods are delivered after 6-10 days.

Delivery: 10-14 days

These items are often items we do not stock but when we receive an order for them, we are expecting to deliver within 14 days.

Delivery: More than 4 days

These items are not in stock with us, delivery time can be uncertain, you are always welcome to ask for a delivery before ordering.

Updating availability

Our warehouse is always 100% updated. This means that if you purchase a product, will automatically be reserved for the order and thus will not be available to other customers of the page. We update daily availability from our suppliers, as well as the status of the items we expect to receive in the coming days.